There are three ways of using homeopathy with Lyme:  prevention, early acute symptoms, and chronic Lyme.

The first is the most simple.

Homeopathic Remedies used after Tick Bites (with no symptoms present such as fever, rash, or joint pain)

  1. Note: refer to other sources as to how to best remove ticks, how to preserve them for testing, when to get tested for Lyme and other tick-borne diseases.

    Try to keep your immune system as strong as possible for at least three weeks after a tick bite, for example by using appropriate herbs and supplements. See a licensed medical practitioner as to whether to use antibiotics or not. This document only suggests homeopathic remedies that can be used to help support one’s immune system after a tick bite.

    In the U.S. carries Aurum Ars.

    In England,

    If needed, see PDF for remedies that match common early  musculo-skeletal symptoms of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases on

    Hypericum Perforatum 200c, one dose as soon as possible after tick is removed. (If 200c not available, can use three doses of 30c, at least one hour apart.)  Note: do not take Hypericum before dental work that requires any kind of anesthetic such as novocaine.

  2. The following day, Ledum Palustre 200c, one dose. Exception: do not use this remedy if bite site is warm or hot. (If 200c not available, take three doses of 30c over the course of the day). This remedy is especially applicable if bite site is cool to touch, feels worse from warmth, and feels better from cold. If these qualities remain after the initial dose(s) of Ledum, continue to use until these qualities are gone (should be no more than a few days – consult with a homeopath if needed).
  3. Six days after bite, Aurum Ars 200c – one pellet diluted in small amount of spring water. Note: Aurum Ars is difficult to find in the U.S. (see pharmacies that carry it in sidebar). (The second word may be spelled Arsenicicum, Arsenicatum, or Arsenicosum). In lieu of that remedy, if it cannot be acquired soon enough, you can use one dose of Mercurius (Vivus or Solubilis) 200c (or three doses of 30c at least an hour apart), though Merc is a runner-up choice. If six days have already passed, take it the day after the Hypericum.
  4. One week after the Aurum Ars or Mercurius, take Aurum Ars, or repeat the Merc if the Aurum Ars was not acquired, taking the same number of doses as in the first round.

When Lyme is in its early stage, in the joints, the four most common remedies that are used are Rhus Toxicodendron, Ledum, Spigelia and Rhododendron, depending on the specifics. You should of course consult with your physician, and you can take homeopathy along with antibiotics. Homeopathy will not make the antibiotics less effective.

Descriptions in early stage:

Rhus Tox: Hot, painful swelling of joints, limbs feel stiff. Worse first motion, better with continued motion. Worse at night and at rest.  Better from warm moist heat or hot bath.  Worse from cold, wet weather. Drawing or tearing in limbs during rest.

Ledum: Especially lower limbs, knees, and feet affected. Pain and stiffness. Pains progress over time, ascending to proximal joints. Restlessness. Crosswise pains: left shoulder and right hip. Chilly, but pains better from cold and agg from heat and bed. Much better from ice applications or cold bathing.  

Spigelia: Left sided pains, increased sensitivity overall (physical and emotional). Limbs swollen, facial pains, left-sided. Left-sided facial paralysis. Feels fearful of sharp, pointed objects.

Kalmia: Pain in shoulders or hips, descending from shoulder to elbow and hand, or from hip to knees and feet. Worse from cold. Worse from heat of sun. Better in cloudy weather.

Chronic Lyme: This is the most complex and requires an individual approach.

This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the services of health care professionals. It does not constitute medical advice or medical opinion.


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