Cynics often say that any positive responses to homeopathy are the result of the placebo effect.

Yet I have seen homeopathy work on infants, dogs, horses, and even on plants. I submit that this was not the result of a placebo effect. I have seen strong advocates of homeopathy try different remedies over long periods of time until one finally worked. If a placebo effect was at play, why wouldn’t it kick in sooner?

There are famous cases where people set out to prove that homeopathy did not work – only to find it helped them. Surely their mindset was not open to the placebo effect.

I think it is in poor taste to look down on the placebo effect in the first place – as something that is “just in someone’s head.”

We should learn how to tap into the placebo effect and to maximize it.

And if homeopathy can be assisted by the power of the mind, more power to it.

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Graduate of the New England School of Homeopathy (2000). 1300 credit hours studying classical homeopathy. Fortunate enough to have studied with seven of the world's top practitioners. Before discovering holistic wellness and homeopathy, graduated from Penn State, focusing on English and History.
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