How Aconite saved me thousands of dollars

A few years ago, I had some dental work done. I didn’t need a root canal beforehand, but after the needed drilling was done, the nerve was traumatized and I had severe pain with the pulpitis. A root canal was deemed necessary, since there was “no way to reduce the inflammation of the nerve inside the tooth.” I asked my dentist if it was safe to wait a few days and see if I could calm down the nerve. He thought it was safe, but warned me, as I now warn you, that if you wait too long with a pulpitis, the nerve can die. (The pain goes away at that point, but the real trouble will then begin, and a root canal will then be a necessity, as the inside of the nerve will become infected.)

I used homeopathic Aconite and it immediately calmed down the pain. In two days my tooth felt fine and I was given the okay to cancel any root canal plans. Not all pulpitis cases match Aconite, but it is one of the main remedies used, and it matched my pain pattern exactly. I have successfully avoided three root canals over the years. Thanks to a few pennies worth of this remedy.

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