Breaking bridges

Did you know that armies are trained to walk out of step when they cross a bridge? Each bridge has a resonance rating, which is a particular vibration that makes it resonate. If the soldiers march at multiple of wavelength of the bridge resonance, it can create a vibration in the bridge. The bridge can vibrate itself off its foundation and collapse. That image reminds me of homeopathy.

When you are in a pattern that is not serving you well, with it’s indigestion or perfectionism, it’s useful to know that there are natural ways of breaking a negative pattern – not by fighting it , but by mirroring it with a matching remedy. There are hundreds of different stress coping patterns – each correlating to different substances from nature. The study of homeopathy is the study of plants and minerals and which patterns they can break.

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Graduate of the New England School of Homeopathy (2000). 1300 credit hours studying classical homeopathy. Fortunate enough to have studied with seven of the world's top practitioners. Before discovering holistic wellness and homeopathy, graduated from Penn State, focusing on English and History.
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