Homeopathy as I see it

There are varying opinions on how homeopathy works. After 16 years of studying classical homeopathy (which I understand is only a start), I would like to share my take on what is going on with this unique approach to health.
When we react to stress, it may appear that our mental, emotional, and bodily symptoms are random effects of stress. But when you look carefully, the symptoms form what is, in the field of homeopathy, a recognizable pattern.

When substances from nature are ingested to the point of creating toxic effects, a pattern is created, including physical, mental and emotional symptoms. By matching these two patterns, you can find the homeopathic remedy a person can benefit from. (In the correct preparation of homeopathic remedies, the natural substance is diluted to a safe level).

The body puts energy into creating symptoms. We are often fighting that energy (by trying to chemically or otherwise stop the symptom). Many times it is an uphill battle. What if we could work with that energy instead of against it?
In the homeopathic approach you take the signals the person is presenting with and apply a substance that goes in the same direction, not the opposite direction. By going in the same direction, the pattern can then resolve itself, calming down, or completely disappearing.

Stay tuned for more.

P.S. To read about pattern matching, the best book on the subject is “Stramonium: with an introduction to analysis of cycles and segments” by Paul Herscu, ND. He and Amy Rothenberg run the New England School of Homeopathy. What they teach and publish are of the highest quality available. Paul Herscu’s concepts of cycles and segments strongly influence the way I perceive homeopathy and the way I help my clients.

P.P.S. I am not against modern medicine. It is useful to have different systems that can stop symptoms or work against them when needed !

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Graduate of the New England School of Homeopathy (2000). 1300 credit hours studying classical homeopathy. Fortunate enough to have studied with seven of the world's top practitioners. Before discovering holistic wellness and homeopathy, graduated from Penn State, focusing on English and History.
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